How can I improve my cable signal on my HD Ready TV?

If your TV is an HD Capable set and your cable is not HD that is the problem. We have a lot of people complain about Digital Cable on HD Sets because the “Digital Cable” name is pretty much a joke. The signal is not truly digital because it is going through THREE digital to analog conversions before it reaches your Television. If you’re watching through Channel 3 that’s a big problem too, but if you’re using Composite, or S-Video this will help a little. The biggest problem with Cable and HD capable TVs is the Progressive Scan Line Doubler built into all TVs, they take an incoming signal and basically fill in the missing information, but because Digital Cable goes through the Digital To Analog Conversion so many times the signal is poor when it gets there, so the poor signal is doubled in a sense. If you’re paying $50 now for Cable, I’d look into DirecTV because it doesn’t go through the same conversions, it comes into your box Digital and out Digital based on how you connect it to your TV. And for $63 you can get 200 channels in digital and another 20 or so in HD.This is one of the points that we’ve been having to do a lot of training on over the last two years for our retailer trainings, we’ve heard this complaint alot. Digital cable is very pixelated, so when it goes through the line doubler in the TV it becomes twice as bad.


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