How do I mount my new 46″ Flat Panel TV?

If you want the easiest mount to use check out the Vantage Point U42 or U50 at Best Buy for $150 – $200. Its pretty much ready to go out of the box, all you need to do is decide if you want it flat, or to have a tilt. Then find the studs in the wall, level off the back of the mount and then hang the TV to the mount, then lock it in place. By far and away the highest rated mount on the market for ease of use, safety, weight limit, and reviews from sites. I personally hung my Panasonic 50″ plasma which is heavier than your set in under 15 minutes, and I’m not a big guy. The only help I needed was picking it up. There’s another popular brand out there called Sanus which is based out of Japan, so when you look at their mounts you will see strange shaped slots for the screws that are to go to your studs, that’s because in Japan studs are 2×3 not 2×4, so there have been many reports of those mounts not holding up over time, plus you can literally lift the TVs right off the mounts because the screws they send you to lock the TV to the mount aren’t long enough. If you want to see for yourself, go into any best buy that has the new mount display in their home theater department and lift up on the bottom corner of the display (plexiglass hanging on display) and you will literally take it right off.


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