How do you stream video from a Media Center PC to a TV in another room? Options for wiring?

For what you’ve described there are a few wireless video transfer systems you may want to look at – specifically the Belkin Remote TV product. It works at higher frequencies than other brands, and won’t be interfered with by wireless networks and phones. It will connect to the media center PC and give you a high resolution component video output to connect to your LCD TV. This will get the signal to your TV, but as far as controlling it you’ll need to get control of the media center in your room. For this you can buy a Media Center PC remote at Best Buy and other stores, and then buy an IR Repeater/Blaster. The blaster will allow you to use this new remote in the other room to control the media center.I know this seems like a lot but other than running cables directly to it, that’s pretty much the only way. As far as direct wiring it, if you’re only going to be watching Divx movies then you can get an extra long S-Video cable, along with Audio cables and run from the A/V outputs on the media center to the inputs on your LCD TV, then get the remote and repeater as explained above for control.


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