Is it really necessary to use the Video In jacks on my surround receiver?

It entirely depends on the components which you are connecting and the type of operation that you want. For instance, if you have a DVD player, Satellite, VCR, and a Video Game system your TV more than likely couldn’t handle all that, so this is where the receiver comes in. If you run everything through the receivers A/V inputs then you could in a sense have one cable going to your television, making operation easy. Depending on the brand of receiver, it may convert lower video inputs out to higher outputs (example – Composite (yellow) in from VCR, but send out S-Video or Component to your TV). I travel for a living and I have most of the equipment I listed above, and I have everything running through the receiver, and now when my wife and son want to watch a movie or play games all they do is select the input on the receiver for the device they are going to use, and there it is right on the TV.


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