What are some good movies to demo my system with?

It just depends on what you want to test, and if you want to just play particular scenes for demo, or if you want an entire move with effects throughout. Here’s a few recommendations and what scenes are best for particular demos.1 – U571 – if you play the Depth Charge scene you will be able to test the Dynamic Range of your system. Meaning the ability to handle very quiet sounds (whispers, talking, water) at the same time hearing extremely loud booms (explosions, metal breaking, glass breaking, etc).2 – Dragonheart – for directivity. There’s a scene where Draco the dragon, and Dennis Quaid’s character are talking, and the Dragon flies in circles around Quaid as he talks, and you can hear the voice coming from different speakers, and the wings in different speakers.3 – 3 Doors Down Live Away from the Sun – Great for live performance, probably one of the only DVDs that were recorded in a live audience that gives you multiple aspects of sound. Can listen in DTS from the stage so you hear what the band hears, or you can listen in Dolby Digital from the crowd or the stage for another live experience. The disc also has digital music files of each song too for your ipod or computer.4 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – The Quiddich Match with the Rogue Bludger. This scene is one of the best ever for full on surround sound. There’s a ton of bass from the bludger, a ton of directivity from the kids on the brooms flying around, the Snitch is awesome flying around you can actually here the wings flapping. Amazing demo.5 – King Kong – when we goes crazy in the streets. One of my favorite scenes to demo to show how sound moves around you, and changes with perspectives. If you watch the scene and pay attention to the camera angles for Kong, you will hear his breathing, and grunting move to where they should be, plus when the cars crash and things break they aren’t overdone like newer movies they do a great job of keeping the sound accurate to that time period.6 – Fast and the Furious – First race with Paul Walker. Engines, Music, Tons of surround effects, sub kicking like crazy.

There’s a lot more, but these are the one’s that I use the most for my trainings that I do.


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