Do the new 3D TVs show 2D pictures too? Or is it just 3D?

All 3D TVs will show everyday standard 2D video content with no problem, and a few of them even enhance the standard picture as well because they are a 3D capable set.

The 2010 VT Series 3D lineup from Panasonic is amazing, and probably the best reviewed TV line to ever come out. Not only is it the best 3D image you can get, but they’re also getting amazing reviews for their 2D image quality. Panasonic went to great lengths to make their 3D better than everyone else, so one of the nice features of their TVs is that when you’re not watching 3D the standard 2D image is better than any set on the market. And because its a plasma, the image is much faster and more accurate than other display types on the market.

Samsung, Sony, LG and others are all doing 3D as well, but their focus is on LED/LCD Products. They all look great, but because they are an LCD television there are a few disadvantages when it comes to the 3D side. Viewing angles are not as strong as a plasma when watching normally (its not a big difference, but the color changes slightly), and when you put the 3D glasses on the change is more noticeable. Also on the LED/LCD products there are image issues if you tilt your head while watching 3D content. This doesn’t happen on a plasma.

Some sets offer 2D to 3D conversion, but that’s the worst reviewed feature on all the sets because its doing a creation of an effect instead of it being “real 3D.” Also the manufacturers that do this process have had to put out press releases regarding that feature due to people watching it and getting sick.

If you want an amazing deal, check out Best Buy for their exclusive Panasonic 50VT20. Its currently $1800 and includes a 3D Blu-Ray Player, 3 total sets of glasses, 2 3D movies (Coraline and Ice Age 3), and they told me when I was in there yesterday that you get Avatar 3D for free starting December 1st.

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