How do I hook a Blu-Ray player up to Two TVs?

There’s a few different ways to go about doing this – but it depends on the quality that you are after.
1. For the best picture – you will need to hook up the TVs to an HDMI Splitter. One cable will come out of the Blu-Ray player, and then the splitter will have an output to each of the TVs. This will give both TVs the absolute best picture – if they have HDMI that is. You can get the splitter and the cables for the best price at

2. Another way to do it is to hook up one TV with an HDMI cable, and the other with Component Video cables. The Blu-Ray player will have both outputs. The only downside to this, is that one TV will have Full HD Video, and the other will have 480p (DVD quality picture).

3. Another option is to use a component video splitter, and hook it up the same way as I mentioned in step one. You can get long component video cables, and splitters at the website mentioned above (

That’s the easiest ways to do it. I have an HDMI splitter so that when we have a bunch of people over to watch the superbowl or whatever, I’ll take two TVs out to the garage and split the signal to both from my cable box.

Hope that helps.



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