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My TV only has a digital output (Optical or Coaxial), and my receiver only has RCA inputs – how do I connect it?

I’ve been asked this a lot, and there’s only one answer that allows you to use the Television digital output. There’s an adapter you can get at ( that converts the digital outputs to analog output. They are very hard to come by, but this device allows you to connect newer Digital devices to older/legacy equipment that doesn’t have digital inputs.

The process is simple for connection as well – you connect the digital cable from your TV’s output to the adapter, then connect an analog (white and red) cable from the output side of the adapter and connect that to the AUX input on your stereo device. That’s it.

I hope you found this helpful!



Why is my surround sound shutting off when loud explosions or volume increases occur?

It sounds like you’ve got a wire issue. Meaning that somewhere you’ve got a wire backwards, or touching together. To fix: Check all connections and make sure that the wires match at both the receiver and the speakers – meaning that the negative is to negative, and the positive is to positive.Check to make sure that all the bare wire is wound tightly before going into the speaker wire terminals and that no bear wire is out touching. Also make sure that you haven’t got more than an inch of bare wire stripped, this can also cause a problem.This happens to a lot of people, and most of the time is has to do with a wire being backwards. What happens is when the power increases – like you said for loud volumes, the system “clips” and power goes back to the receiver because wires are “out of phase” (flipped), or touching.

Hope this helps.

How do I connect Wireless Headphones to a TV if there is no Headphone Jack in front?

If the TV has an audio output that is where the transmitter for the wireless headphones will be connected. If your TV doesn’t have an audio output then your other options will be to use either a stereo VCR, Cable Box, or Satellite box. Depending on what is connected to the TV, one of the listed components will have an audio output. If you use cable or satellite and have a box, they have an audio output. Basically just connect the headphones to the output on the back of the box and you’ll be good. If you don’t have either, but happen to have a VCR connected to it, then just connect the transmitter to the audio output on the VCR and when you want to use the headphones just turn on the VCR, sound will come through it and you’ll be good there too.

Hope this helps.

My TV only has an antenna/cable input, how do I connect my DVD Player to it?

The easiest way to do it is to utilize an RF Modulator. They are available from $10 – $30 depending on how many items you think you may need it for. The purpose of the device is to convert Audio/Video outputs (yellow, white, and red cables) to a coaxial connection on older televisions. Basically all you do is connect the cables from your DVD player into this device and then run a coax cable from it into your television, then put your TV on CH 3 to watch a DVD movie. Some people get confused by these because they already have a cable going to the coaxial jack on the back of the TV. Not to worry. The RF modulator will have an input for that connection as well. So you will connect your DVD player with the Audio/Video Cables, then connect your Cable Box (or VCR or Satellite or whatever else was connected to that jack originally) to the coaxial input on the RF modulator. Then you will have one cable going from the RF modulator to the TV. When you want to watch a DVD turn the TV on to channel 3, and hit play. When not watching a movie you just turn off the DVD player.

I hope this helped.

I’ve got a Pioneer 816 7.1 receiver, but I’m not getting surround sound from my Digital Cable Box.

The one drawback to digital cable boxes is that the digital coax out is normally just set to stereo output. They don’t broadcast much in 5.1 except for through a fiber optic output, its actually rare to find a digital cable box with a digital coax out. My old box did and I had the same problem, when I contacted the cable company about it (Comcast) they told me that was all it provided and the Dolby Digital logo was on the box but not supported by them. But if I went to an HD Box it was. I have since switched to DirecTV, but that’s another story. Off of a digital cable box, you’re best best is fiber optic if available because most of the digital coax outputs are only set for stereo. You can put your 816 in Dolby Pro Logic II or IIx mode and it will simulate surround sound, but not true surround. You may want to contact your cable company about getting a box with a fiber optic output on it, that could alleviate everything.

Hope that helps.

I want to mount a Plasma or LCD on my fireplace, what are your thoughts?

I’m not a big fan of mounting above a fireplace due to height, but also because if you use the fireplace the heat dispersion from it can damage the set, and if you need to get it repaired, that is not covered under warranty. In many manufacturer’s warranties it plainly states that if you mount on/near a fireplace your warranty will be void if the fireplace is used.

I also worked for Panasonic for two years and know this for a fact on their sets.

I’ve got an HDTV, but don’t know how to get an HDTV Signal.

If you have an HD Built in TV you need a High Def signal either from Cable, Satellite or Antenna. If you have cable, but don’t have an HD Cable box you can contact your cable company and they will come out with a new box for you and your monthly fee will go up $10 or so. For Satellite you will need to upgrade your box to HD if it is not, and possibly your Satellite Dish (contact your provider). My personal favorite way of doing it is through an antenna. The reason for this is that depending on where you live you will be able to receive all the local broadcasts for free. Some of the cable companies offer local high definition channels, but not all of the channels are available through all providers, and with Satellite they haven’t launched full coverage of local channels. If you live in/near a major city you can be guaranteed to have 5 – 15 HD channels available to you via an Antenna. To find out what’s available go to and follow the directions on finding the right antenna for you. This site will help you to find the right antenna for HD – its for outdoor or attic mounted antennas. If you don’t want to mess with an outdoor or attic mounted antenna, take a look at the Terk TV5 amplified antenna, available at Best Buy and Circuit City for about $50. Its constantly rated as the number one antenna for HD use (non attic/roof mount). I hope this helped.